by Gabriella Ribeiro
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Just Breathe

by Pearl Jam

In a month full of holiday spirit where sometimes the material overakes the spirit, this song reminds me of being home, being grateful, and knowing that everything we all have is just enough and exactly what we need

7 Days To Change Your Life

by Jamie Cullum.

I remember being in the UK on a rainy night, discovering this brilliant singer/songwriter/musician and instantly loving every single song he’s ever done. This one especially, it’s a guaranteed smile… 

”Fast Lane” by Rationale-

I brought back this song into my rotation on a recent flight back from Las Vegas.  It soothes any soul that’s going through a transition and admittedly calmed me after the sensory overload of such a dynamic destination on the eyes and ears.

Sounds and songs just come into your life at the right time. I was in a shop in Venice when this started blasting, the owner put it on constant repeat just like I would have as I was instantly in love. A jam about letting go and giving in… enjoy

Gabriella Ribeiro