HEEEERES’S JOHNNY!  Meet the maestro behind Johnnyjet.com

by Gabriella Ribeiro
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Tell us about your evolution! Where did you begin your career,  and tell us more about what Johnny Jet does & what makes you happy?

It’s a long story but I used to not only be afraid to fly but also leave the house at one point. I obviously, got over my fear and now what makes me happy is traveling with my family. 

How did you grow to love travel? What was the first truly impactful moment that you can remember that shaped your life somehow when you were somewhere out of your comfort zone?

It was my first international trip when I was 23. Flew to Hong Kong and that gave me the travel bug. 

You’re a road warrior entrepreneur like many of our readers- why do you feel travel is so beneficial to the entrepreneurial soul?

I think travel brings out the best (and worst in people). If you’re an entrepreneur then you will most likely find the positives of travel and make the most of it. 

What’s the most amazing place you’ve ever been and why?

Difficult question but I feel more alive in Thailand maybe since it’s so exotic and the food and fruits are so good and cheap. 

 Best bit of advice on how to balance a personal life when on the road so much?

Try to bring your loved ones along with you or at least make time to call them and share some of the places with them. 

What’s your best advice for someone who wants a travel writing career?

Stick to topics you are passionate about and that you can give some solid unique advice. Also, network your tail off. 

What is your idea of an absolute dream trip at this point in your life?

Going on a round-the-world trip with my family in the Four Seasons private jet.

What destination thus far has been your favorite and why?

I love going to Hawaii since the weather is ideal, the views are beautiful, it’s safe and it’s not that far. 

  What are the top 3 places on your bucket list and why?

Great Wall of China, Vietnam, and Egypt. Haven’t been to them and always dreamt of going.  

Carry-on or check-in?

When I travel without my family carry-on. With the fam check-in.

Best dish you’ve ever eaten elsewhere? Homemade pasta my Italian cousins made in Ischia, Italy. 

Favorite hotel and why?

Cavallo Point in Sausalito. It’s like a second home and they have some amazing views, food, and spa.

What’s the most memorable hotel amenity you can recall?

Ritz-Carlton had an iPad by my bed that was preloaded with photos of my family that they took from my website. 

Solo travel or travel with companions?

With companions

What is ALWAYS in your suitcase?

My travel journal, camera, chargers, mini pharmacy and duct tape.

What’s next for 2018?

Travel more with my family and hopefully visit all 50 states. 

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Gabriella Ribeiro